Toilet with front opening is not suitable

As if the risk of falling in the holes of the sidewalks was not enough, we also risk falling into the hole of the toilets …

Do not laugh, because the thing is serious. I have been advising shopkeepers, hotel managers and architects whenever I can, not to buy this pot because it is not suitable for most wheelchair users. In addition, the NBR 9050 clearly states that it should not be installed, and it has the force of law, since it is cited as a reference in various laws.

I ask you to kindly disclose this information, because many people still think that this famous vase is appropriate. No, it’s not.

People with disabilities in the lower limbs run the risk of crashing when they use this type of sanitary bowl. Due to lack of muscular strength, the legs slip into the opening, and the person can become unbalanced and fall. In addition, this vessel does not favor the hygiene of the environment, since many urinate through the opening, and the floor is wet.

No one deserves to live with this lack of hygiene and this lack of security. I have written about it countless times on Facebook, but I have not yet made a text for the blog. In one of Facebook’s publications, reader Cida Nunes commented: “This needs to be more publicized. It’s a trap even for the escorts, as is my case. ”


If the establishment has already installed this type of vessel, a palliative is to place a sanitary seat without opening, provisionally, until the dishes can be replaced.

In 2013, in response to recommendations from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, manufacturers have had to change publicity regarding this sanitary basin, and public bodies have pledged to replace the model, which is recommended only for hospitals or residences, when the person can not do his hygiene alone and you need help with this.

It must be borne in mind that it is a measure of safety, and not just of comfort.

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