How to Improve My Health with Bee Substances

The bees are small insects that produce various products with numerous beneficial properties for health human. The pollen, the honey, the propolis (propolis or) and royal jelly are these four natural elements that can help combat deficiencies and prevent certain conditions. One of the main benefits of all these foods is the great energy supply that all of them present. While each, in particular, has certain advantages which will contribute to the improvement of one or more diseases. So that you can benefit from these products, at the article we tell you how to improve your health with the substances of the bees.


Pollen extracted from flower nectar, due to its nutritional content, has been described as invigorating properties, favoring the regeneration of tissues, complimentary in the recovery of anemias and useful in vegetarians and athletes. It is obtained directly from the hive and contains large amounts of proteins (15-35%) and carbohydrates (20-40%). It also has free amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.


Its main use is as a natural sweetener, used in the preparation of many foods and the more natural it is consumed, the greater nutritional value it brings. It has a high biological value and contains mainly carbohydrates (75%), easily digestible and absorbed, whose major component is fructose (40%).


Propolis (propolis) is a resinous substance that bees get from the buds of trees and then in the hive they finish processing themselves. They use it to coat the walls of the hive and keep it free of bacteria. Since ancient times the beneficial properties in the combat of infections and in the healing of wounds have been known. Currently, its most recognized use in the medical field is an immunostimulant and antiseptic, for its proven effects as antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. In its composition, they emphasize substances of antiseptic action, vitamins (A, C, E and of the complex B), oligo-elements and diverse minerals.

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