Guides to Start Running for Beginners

There are few step or guides for you to start running especially for beginners. Try these tips and you will get a better result while doing running for your health.

1. Start by walking

It’s okay to run right away if you want, but be aware of the consequences behind it. Your body is not currently used to running, therefore you can get injured while running. Start by walking slowly. Walking has the same motion as running without much pressure on the bones and joints. But do not walk as if you were taking a leisurely stroll in the mall. Instead, you have to walk fast, but with rhyme. When your body feels ready for more intense action, you can start running. However, you must enter a running session to pause running every few minutes.

2. Do not rush

Running long distance can cause prolonged running injury. The purpose of running is to make you healthier and not the other way around. Do not rush to hurry up to the finish line, but increase the mileage and the duration of running and running gradually. You may think that you ran twice as long as yesterday and still do not feel tired, but you will be tired later on. So start running lightly and speed up your speed slowly.

3. Put on the right running shoes

You can run with any kind of shoes. But apart from the hasty running technique, the shoes you use are often the main cause of the injury while running. Everyone ran a different way and have different technique. Pronation (some pedaling movements from the soles of the feet when running) may be excessive, or even less for others, and there are specially designed running shoes for those people to avoid potential injury. In addition, using the wrong running shoes can cause a lot of pain every time you move so that it reduces motivation, especially if you are a beginner runner.

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