Fire Protection System (Alarm Fire System)

jual fire alarm systemFire protection system or fire alarm system is an integrated system designed to detect the presence of fire symptoms, to warn them in the evacuation system and be followed up automatically or manually by dealing with the fire extinguishing system (system Fire fighting).
The main equipment of this protection system is MCFA (Main Control Fire Alarm) or also called Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). MACP works to accept incoming signals (input signals) from detectors and other detection components (Fixed Heat Detector and smoke detector).

1. Kind of Kinds of Detecting System

In practice, there are three detection systems of fire protection, namely:
a. Non addresable System
b. Semi addresable System
c. Full Adresable System

a. Non addresable System

This system is also called the conventional system. The MCFA in test system receives a direct input signal from the detector (usually a very limited number) without addressing and directing the outpu component (output) to respond to the input. Jual fire alarm system is generally used in buildings / areas of small-scale supervision, such as housing, shops, offices, and others.

b. Semi Addresable System

In this system is grouped on the detector and receiver input (input) based on the area of ​​supervision (supervisory area). Each zone is controlled (both input and output) by a controller zone that has a specific address / adress. When the detector or other input receiver provides a signal, the MCFA will respond (I / O) based on the controller zone that collects it.
In the construction of each zone may consist of:
· One floor in building / building
· Some adjacent rooms on one floor in a building
· Some rooms that have these characteristics in a building
The MCFA display will read the address of the zone affected by the fire symptoms, so that the action to be taken can be localized only to that zone.

c. Full Addresable System

Is a development of semi-adresibble system. In this system all detectors and input devices (detection) have a specific address, so the blackout and evacuation process can be done directly at the point that is estimated to have a jual fire alarm system.

2. Main Equipment

a. Detector

Automatic Input Device Detector or Receiver (input), ie:
Heat Detector (Heat Detector) .. Based on how it works, heat detector is divided into 2 types, namely:
* Fixed Temperature heat detector, which works to detect air temperature around its casing (ambiencetatur) by comparing it to its default setting temperature, eg 57 ‘C, 75’ C and so on

* ROR (Rate of Rise) heat detector that works to detect the speed of increase in temperature around the casing. When the temperature rise speed is slower than the setting value, the detector will not respond.
Smoke Detector (smoke sensing).

b. MCFA (Main Control Fire Alarm)

MCFA is the main equipment of protection system. (Main Control Fire Alarm) or also called Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), functions to receive incoming signal (input signal) from detector and other detection components (Fixed Heat detector and smoke detector).

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