What Is The Danger That Will Happen If Hay Fever Rash Is Not Overcome From Early?

Until now, there are still some from certain segments of society who argue if Hay Fever Rash is one of the common and mild diseases to be treated. Because, the disease has been very frequent and experienced by all walks of life of various ages, ranging from toddlers to adults. Not infrequently some of them still often ignore the impact that will occur in the future if they do not overcome or prevent symptoms of a continuous illness of the fever for their health.

The first impact that will occur if a person does not overcome the symptoms of Hay Fever Rash early on is will trigger a cold sweat and also the body will shiver at a certain time. Because, fever is rarely treated or left alone will make the body is always shivering because of the reaction from outside the body that feels cold and penetrate into the pores of the skin that suffers from the disease. In addition, cold sweat will follow the development of those who let the symptoms of the disease due to the emergence of sweat is a reaction of fever that has a high temperature exceeding normal limits of reasonable.

hay fever rash

In addition, other terrible effects that will be felt by those who suffer from Hay Fever Rash and consider the disease is an easy matter, do not be surprised if their appetite will disappear or decrease suddenly. This is because, the fever that does not go down every day will make their appetite is reduced because all intake of food that has entered into their mouth will feel bland or tasteless. Then, the other effects of Hay Fever Rash from the final stages are vomiting and easily tired because the intake substances that have entered into their digestion can not be digested by the body and re-released and make their body becomes tired every day because of lack of appetite from symptoms the fever itself.

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